Jaclyn Lowery


I’ve had a variety of design experiences including internships with Juggernaut, Apex, Paul Loebach, Branch, and Evolve.

My senior thesis is focused on designing a system for seamlessly charging devices from daily activities.

To check out more of my work, please take a gander at my website: http://www.jaclyn-lowery.com

I knew I was destined to be apart of the creative field the moment my mother handed me scissors and I proceeded to style myself with a unique haircut, just to “see what it would be like”. I am always ready for new experiences, traveling around the world to collaborate with creatives who are also passionate about providing others with meaningful experiences.

I like to travel, do a little karaoke, and I am very well versed in small screen series. Sometimes I attempt to sew something or pluck harmonies on the guitar, though I mostly enjoy sharing a good brew with good friends.

I look forward to seeing you at the show, cheers!



Will Chickering

I want to impress you.
While currently in Flexible Packaging Design, I’ve bounced around between Semi-Permanent Point-of-Purchase Displays, Luxury Product Visual-Brand-Language, and Floor Spaces for Children’s Museums. Whew! I don’t call it spreading myself too thin or wandering through experiences, I say I’m doing what I know best: rounding out an extensive sphere of design knowledge.

I am unveiling HOLO: a device that will project life-size holograms of anyone or anything into your home, breaking through to the future of entertainment, education, and round-the-world 3D communication.
I appreciate variety and differences. Product Design at DAAP has given me the skills to create anything and everything imaginable. I care less for refinement and more for invention. Do not ask ‘why?’ – ask ‘why not?’

In the past few years, I have successfully produced a 6-foot interactive LED floor lamp, a digital baby grand piano, ‘vertical vinyl” jukebox, giant filament bulb chandelier, and oh yeah, a beautiful daughter named Rose.



Nick Dean

Hey there!

I have nearly two years of international design design experience. Most recently I worked with the team at IDEO to change the way kids play. Preceeding that I was at Pensa in Brooklyn NY, SquareOne in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Fisher-Price in East Aurora, NY.

For my capstone I’m creating the world’s first internet connected espresso machine!

Check out my portfolio here: nickdean.design

My path to Industrial Design began like most kids, playing with Lego. But in middle school when most kids were moving on to sports and other activities, I discovered the online Lego fan community (it’s as weird as it sounds), which fostered my creative and spatial skills and pointed me in the direction of Industrial Design.
When I’m not slaving away to our CAD overlords, I run, am a novice chef, watch foreign films, speak German, still build with Lego, and collect expensive, useless gadgets.

Viel Spaß!



Matt Hallinan


I have almost two years of Industrial Design experience. While working at Sonos and Kohler, I discovered my interest in consumer electronics. I have also worked internationally at Yellow Window in Paris, France.

For my capstone I am designing an aeroponic planter and connected app that enables anyone to grow kitchen herbs in the home.

Check out my work at MattHallinan.com

Industrial Design fulfills my passion for hands on building and creativity. I love building prototypes and making beautiful renders.

When I get the opportunity, I love to ski the bowls in Colorado, snorkel off the coast, or hike the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Thanks for taking a look at our work!


Eric Harsh

Hey, I’m Eric

I’ve worked professionally in prototyping, toy design, experience design, interaction design, and product design. Through co-op I’ve designed for influential corporations like Microsoft, Google, Logitech, and Hyundai as well as small startups.

For my capstone, I’m designing a device family that explores the future of ubiquitous computing.

You can find my work on my website ericharsh.com
or on Behance.

When I first got into industrial design I didn’t really know what it was – I just knew I wanted to do something that was both creative and intellectually challenging. Now I know what it is, and I like it.

I have several large and cumbersome hobbies that make moving incredibly difficult. I collect vinyl records, occasionally play an instrument, and read books & zines.

Thanks for checking out UCID16.


Christian Lange

Hey there! Thanks for checking out our class.

I have 19 months of professional design experience, working on projects for global brands like Nike, Intel, Honeywell, Starbucks, Under Armour, and Rockford Fosgate. I have also previously worked in a freelance consulting capacity.
For my capstone, I am designing the future of automotive interaction for Tesla by fusing the best of tactile analog with the magic of digital.

To check out my portfolio, click here.

To see more of my work, check me out on Behance.
To follow my capstone process, follow me on Instagram @langeathang

I came from an art background (my high school class voted me “Most Artistic” for what little that’s worth), but my passions for math, science, and learning guided me towards design. I started out with a love for beautiful objects, but over the past five years at UC I’ve learned that design has the power to impact people’s behaviors, lives, and culture.

I am a Cleveland native, die-hard Tribe fan, hockey player, wannabe musician, slightly decent guitar player, and self-diagnosed political and cultural critic.

I hope you enjoy the show. Cheers!


Carlo Rizalado

I love to immerse myself in new product areas and have eclectic design experience in Ninja kitchen appliances, Tomy children’s toys, P&G aircare products, Bosch powertools, and much more. I enjoy getting my hands in everything and anything I can.

For my capstone I am designing workout gear that explores the interaction of techy textiles with personal training.
I have loved drawing and sketching since I could hold a pencil which got me into industrial design. Exploring user experience and thinking differently about products kept me in it. The practical application of art and seeing the impact of design on people’s lives is what drives and motivates me.

Check out my ‘folio here.

Feel free to also connect with me on LinkedIn.

I am an animation, weightlifting, cat video, and video game enthusiast and studying abroad in Japan has left me with a love for all things Japan.
Sayonara! Please enjoy the show!



L. Hayes Ryland

Hey, I’m Hayes!

I am dedicated to Creating new digital interactions. With almost two years of experience internships in industry at PCA (Packaging Corporation of America), Shure, and Lifetime Brands, I’ve been able to design products in many diverse industries.

My capstone focuses on User Interface Design and home water heating systems. I am designing and coding an internet connected water heater based in learning from the home owner.

To see my other design work, visit my website hayesryland.com

Since I was young, I was always taking apart devices to learn how they worked, but somehow always had a few parts leftover. My passion is to help simplify digital and physical interactions despite added complexity. Industrial Design showed me the wild world of product design, the quick and rough to the long and beautiful.

I’m a Cincinnati Westsider through and through, a DIY-er, repairer, and iPhone aficionado.



Nick Von Bargen

Hi there

I am a jack of all trades. I’ve worked for design firms and companies on everything from medical devices and consumer electronics to furniture and eco design. Through my design career I’ve been able to live everywhere from Cincinnati to New York to New Hampshire and even South Korea.

My capstone is an Audi dashboard system for a semi-autonomous car that neither distracts the driver to use, nor complicates the interaction between driver and vehicle.

For more work visit my website http://nickvonbargen.com/

I’m a guy that wanted to make art for a living and yet still have a steady income. Coming from a family of engineers and Cincinnati alumni meant going to DAAP wasn’t a hard choice for me to make. I like products. I like inventing products, making products more useful and creating fun experiences for people using the products. My favorite kinds of products are consumer electronics, but I also dabble in UX/UI and anything with a system.

I like Netflix, nature and naps; not necessarily in that order.
Thanks for checking out my work



Caleb Warwick

My name is Caleb and I’m an Industrial Designer. I’ve studied Design for the past five years at the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP Program.
During that time, I spent six months studying Human Centered Design at Chiba University (千葉大学) in Japan.
I’ve always had the curiosity to see how things work and when an object doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, I try my best to fix that problem.
Ultimately, I believe the best designs are the ones you don’t ever think about. I yearn to create objects that are useful, intuitive and user focused.
My capstone focuses on encouraging citizen journalism through product design and User Experience for a more personal global multi-perspective news story.