Marcus Bruggeman

Welcome to DAAPworks 2016!

For my Co-op experience I have worked for Crown Equipment and LPK, getting to design products that may reach the market and actually having a few of my designs reach production.

For my capstone, I am designing a Field Research Vehicle to study dinosaurs at Jurassic Park – GMC ALPHA: Protection and Performance in the most extreme situation on Earth.

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Industrial Design gives me the ability to be creative and discover new solutions to solve problems.

Cars! I have been working on cars for as long as I remember, and have fixed up all of the vehicles I own. Also into other stuff like exploring and cooking, but mostly cars.

Enjoy the show!


Christopher Meyer

While my primary focus is automotive design, my professional experience has entailed everything from toy packaging and espresso machines to fullsize trucks and tractor interiors. Some of the brands I have designed for include Chevrolet, GMC, Starbucks, Case IH, and Tomy.

For my capstone I am designing a Lotus roadster that embodies the brand’s core values of lightness and material innovation in a new aesthetic direction.

I have always been fascinated by vehicles, technology, and drawing, and upon discovering Industrial Design I realized it was the obvious career to go into. While I began my career with a simple appreciation for cars and machines, this has developed into a more abstract fascination with the aesthetic, sculptural, and cultural qualities of the things humans create.

I enjoy digital photography, mountain biking (an activity which is significantly more grandiose in name than in practice here in the Midwest), and reading about a variety of subjects, most notably astronomy and natural history. Design is a rather desk-bound occupation, and I love to regain sanity by immersing myself in the natural world and stoking an infatuation with primal, untouched scenery.



Robert G. Cuthbertson, III

Hey, thanks for checking me out

I have nearly 2 years of experience through various co-ops at BISSELL Homecare, Ingersoll-Rand Tools, and Crosman Corporation. My job experiences have led to my unique skill set, as I have become proficient in a multitude of design based skills including design research, sketching, digital modeling, and physical model making.

My capstone is a Bugatti pickup truck, which is designed to carry dual powersports vehicles as well as slew of extreme sports gear.

Check out my portfolio and blog at, skreaminchikin.wordpress.com

I have spent the last four semesters in the Transportation Design track at UC. My childhood dream was always to become a car designer. I came to UC with the intention of achieving that goal but along the way (thanks to several product-based co-op opportunities) have discovered that there are lots of fun things to design besides just cars. I now have a broad range of skills and experiences and when I graduate, hope to impact the world through design regardless of what field I’m in.

In West Philadelphia born and raised… (it was actually the northeast suburbs but close enough). I’ve already expressed my love of automobiles but something you might not know about me is that I love sports and I’m a huge football fan.

Catch you on the flip side.



Sam Elsbrock

Hello Mr. Sir/Ms. Madam

I have successfully created a brand and eyewear collection on a multidisciplinary team in collaboration with Luxottica that is currently selling across the US in 900 Lenscrafters stores. I have worked with clients on optimizing their CAD data for the DMLS (3D metal printing) process in the oil & gas, medical, and aviation industries. Lastly, I collaborated in design work at Crown Equipment, simultaneously refining designs based on ergonomic models while personally driving a project addressing new market entries in a blue sky conceptual manner.

For my capstone I am designing a sneaker that provides greater traction & comfort to improver user’s performance during usage of the TRX suspension training system.

To see more of my work visit me at: samelsbrock.com

I grew up playing with legos as the only toy I really needed. As I got older I started looking at athletic shoes all day and still continue that habit to this day! I have always had a taste for exclusive, beautiful objects never failing to give my parents heart attacks due to my Christmas list. I was a very balanced student in high school; excelling in mathematics, psychology, life sciences while also enjoying painting, clay throwing, and 2D design classes. When I found out that I could go to college for a major that includes all those academic disciplines I knew it was a done deal and had to get into UC. I have never looked back since growing to appreciate the impact design can have on any endeavor aiming to change the way people interact with the world.
I am a Cincinnatian through & through, I’ve never given up on my Bengals or Bearcats. I am a live music fanatic, slackliner, yogi, and a terrible golfer.

Regards! Enjoy the show



Mike Froendhoff

Check out my portfolio here.


Patrick Hebauf

Hey y’all

I have worked at two packaging firms, Pratt Industries and Rock Tenn Design. In addition to those two I did two semesters as a model shop intern at Crown Equipment and one semester as a shop supervisor in the DAAP Woodshop.

I am designing the future of small, maneuverable tractors for the small-time agribusiness. My design puts emphasis on both operator comfort and maneuverability by introducing ingenuity that is a hallmark of the New Holland brand.
Check out my capstone blog!

I chose industrial design because I have been a car-nut from the very beginning and saw an opportunity in transportation design. I also saw it as a way of marrying my love of building and creating with my love of aesthetics and functionality.
As I said before I am into cars. I love tinkering with them, fixing them, and looking at them. I also have a passion for music and movies, as well as science fiction. In my spare time I workout and work in my parents greenhouses.

Thanks for checking me out!



Allie Jennings

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in UCID16!

In the past five years, I have worked at Kao Brands, RockTenn and Tomy International – doing a variety of work from packaging to toy design. I have also worked as a freelancer for the University, and local non-profits. My concentration while at DAAP has been in automotive design – allowing for sponsored studio experiences with companies such as General Motors and Fiat Chrysler.

For my capstone, I am focusing on the passenger experience in a luxury vehicle.
In 2023, Tata Motors will commission Nike to design a luxury transport vehicle for the India Cricket World Cup that showcases Nike innovation and celebrates Indian spirit.

To see more of my work, check out my Behance.
To follow my capstone process, look for updates on my blog.

I am passionate about good design, strong coffee, and quality music. I am a St. Louis native, musician, Cardinals baseball fan, aspiring photographer, lover of travel and have a serious weakness for puns and puppies (not necessarily in combination).

I hope you enjoy the show!



Connie Kim

I have about 2 years of experience designing various products such as toys, consumer goods, consumer electronics, and tradeshow/exhibits at design firms large and small such as Munchkin Inc, Gnosis PD, BB7, Creature LLC, and Mauk Design.

For my senior project I am rebranding Buick and changing their image by designing a concept show car for the 2024 Shanghai Auto Show. It will be an electric supercar and since 2024 is the year of the dragon I will be using a dragon of my own design as inspiration for my concept car.

To see more of my work, check me out on my Behance.

I started out my lifelong pursuit of design by drawing dinosaurs and dragons at the prospective age of 3. My interests became more diverse as I grew and included creature design, product design, and automotive design, which is what I am most interested in pursuing.

I also love playing Ultimate Frisbee, silk-screening shirts, and aspire to become a better snowboarder and ukulele player.

Thank you for your time!


Zi Kong

I have over 20 months of professional automotive and product design experience, working on projects for global brands like Fiat Industrial, Sea Ray boat group, priority design, TOMY international and Hasbro.

For my capstone I am designing an all new electric sport coupe that adapt to all life’s adventures for KIA.

To see more of my work, check me out on my Behance
To follow my capstone process, follow me on Instagram @zi.kong

I am Zi. I was born in a beautiful city of Guangzhou China. At 16 years old, I came to America in search for a higher education and more opportunities. After Graduating from Mason High school in 3 years, I joined the University of Cincinnati, and now here I am in my senior year as a DAAP student, majoring in Industrial design, Forcing on transportation.

Looking back, nothing surprised me more than the U.S culture, I felt different. From the music I listened to the food I ate, to the language I spoke. There one thing that kept me same was the similarity that we all shared, especially in design. There are certain that catch our eyes individually. And that’s why I want to be a designer, especially automotive design, because I like cars!



Kevin Lane


My experience mostly focuses around transportation, but I have had experience in furniture design as well. My most influential jobs were at Pursuit Boats and Tiara Yachts. This has helped launch a career in marine design.

For my capstone, I am reviving the influential classic boat brand, SlickCraft.

Check out my portfolio here.

I have a passion for transportation, and wanted to help create future product.

I’m into anything transportation. I am a car enthusiast, unicyclist, future pilot.

Enjoy the show!