Adam Bambach

Hello World! Welcome to UCID16.

Industrial Design offers such a wide range of possibilities. During my co-op experiences I have been able to work on projects ranging from one-off medical products (May We Help), to Click and Collect technology (Apex Supply Chain Technologies), to record players (Crosley). My favorite thing about the co-op program is knowing that I am having a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

For my capstone I am currently experimenting with bone conduction audio and how it can be implemented as a wearable.
Industrial Design is the perfect blend of art and science for me. I thoroughly enjoy the rapid prototyping experience that I have learned while at UC. There’s a saying that a prototype is worth 1,000 meetings.

I hail from the West Side of Cincinnati, love volleyball, and would describe myself as a tinkerer. For fun I once made a CNC machine from scratch just to see if I could do it. I am also inspired by people who blaze their own paths and follow their dreams.

May the odds be ever in your favor.



Mitch Bernarding

I’ve had many great experiences during my co-ops at Adidas, Vans, and Pratt Display.

My capstone goal is Create a new snowboard binding system to speed up the process of strapping in.

Check out my portfolio here.

I enjoy working side by side with athletes and help them perform their best through design. Outside of studio I like snowboarding, basketball, baseball, golf, beer, and good food.



Robert G. Cuthbertson, III

Hey, thanks for checking me out

I have nearly 2 years of experience through various co-ops at BISSELL Homecare, Ingersoll-Rand Tools, and Crosman Corporation. My job experiences have led to my unique skill set, as I have become proficient in a multitude of design based skills including design research, sketching, digital modeling, and physical model making.

My capstone is a Bugatti pickup truck, which is designed to carry dual powersports vehicles as well as slew of extreme sports gear.

Check out my portfolio and blog at, skreaminchikin.wordpress.com

I have spent the last four semesters in the Transportation Design track at UC. My childhood dream was always to become a car designer. I came to UC with the intention of achieving that goal but along the way (thanks to several product-based co-op opportunities) have discovered that there are lots of fun things to design besides just cars. I now have a broad range of skills and experiences and when I graduate, hope to impact the world through design regardless of what field I’m in.

In West Philadelphia born and raised… (it was actually the northeast suburbs but close enough). I’ve already expressed my love of automobiles but something you might not know about me is that I love sports and I’m a huge football fan.

Catch you on the flip side.



Sam Elsbrock

Hello Mr. Sir/Ms. Madam

I have successfully created a brand and eyewear collection on a multidisciplinary team in collaboration with Luxottica that is currently selling across the US in 900 Lenscrafters stores. I have worked with clients on optimizing their CAD data for the DMLS (3D metal printing) process in the oil & gas, medical, and aviation industries. Lastly, I collaborated in design work at Crown Equipment, simultaneously refining designs based on ergonomic models while personally driving a project addressing new market entries in a blue sky conceptual manner.

For my capstone I am designing a sneaker that provides greater traction & comfort to improver user’s performance during usage of the TRX suspension training system.

To see more of my work visit me at: samelsbrock.com

I grew up playing with legos as the only toy I really needed. As I got older I started looking at athletic shoes all day and still continue that habit to this day! I have always had a taste for exclusive, beautiful objects never failing to give my parents heart attacks due to my Christmas list. I was a very balanced student in high school; excelling in mathematics, psychology, life sciences while also enjoying painting, clay throwing, and 2D design classes. When I found out that I could go to college for a major that includes all those academic disciplines I knew it was a done deal and had to get into UC. I have never looked back since growing to appreciate the impact design can have on any endeavor aiming to change the way people interact with the world.
I am a Cincinnatian through & through, I’ve never given up on my Bengals or Bearcats. I am a live music fanatic, slackliner, yogi, and a terrible golfer.

Regards! Enjoy the show



Jordyn Klumpp

Well hello there!

I have over a years worth of experience working in outdoor gear and soft goods! Through UC I have had the opportunity to work on brands such as Thule, Yeti Cycles, Scubapro, Cabela’s and Mountain Standard. I’m lookin’ forward to furthering my knowledge at Nike in Beaverton, OR post graduation!

For my capstone, I am designing a system of backcountry ski apparel that aims to bridge the gap between athletic outdoor and urban street style to design a more versatile garment.

Growing up around an avid sneakerhead and fashion designer really inspired me from an early age. I found my own niche (and obsession) in soft goods and outdoor gear. I believe that getting your hands on the materials and building the product yourself is key to understanding the industry and making stellar gear.

I am a die hard bag lady from Cincinnati with a knack for making all things soft goods. Outside of that I’m an avid traveler who loves illustration and a good southern style meal☺

Thanks for checkin’ us out!


Zi Kong

I have over 20 months of professional automotive and product design experience, working on projects for global brands like Fiat Industrial, Sea Ray boat group, priority design, TOMY international and Hasbro.

For my capstone I am designing an all new electric sport coupe that adapt to all life’s adventures for KIA.

To see more of my work, check me out on my Behance
To follow my capstone process, follow me on Instagram @zi.kong

I am Zi. I was born in a beautiful city of Guangzhou China. At 16 years old, I came to America in search for a higher education and more opportunities. After Graduating from Mason High school in 3 years, I joined the University of Cincinnati, and now here I am in my senior year as a DAAP student, majoring in Industrial design, Forcing on transportation.

Looking back, nothing surprised me more than the U.S culture, I felt different. From the music I listened to the food I ate, to the language I spoke. There one thing that kept me same was the similarity that we all shared, especially in design. There are certain that catch our eyes individually. And that’s why I want to be a designer, especially automotive design, because I like cars!



Sarah Mallory

Well hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

My two most recent internships, Ghost Works and Winter Session, gave me the opportunity to work closely on soft goods related projects. My time spent at SET Creative, Design Central, and Hasbro helped me to become a well rounded designer by working on a variety of projects.

For my capstone project I am designing Fernveer, a travel line including a a jacket, backpack, and daypack, that are designed with the eager adventurer in mind.

My combined love of art and sewing were the building blocks of my passion for soft goods design. It is rewarding for me to see people interact with and cherish carefully designed and handmade products. I love to incorporate my hunger for travel and new experiences into my design process.
I am an avid traveler, a leather working maven, an extreme roller coaster rider, a drinker of delicious craft beer, and a killer of all house plants.

Thanks for your time!



Trevor Mast

Over my college career I have had the privilege of gaining professional design experience with companies like Tetrafab, Bakery Crafts, eBags.com, Hasbro, Bissell Homecare, and Bang Zoom Design.
I am designing a backpack for commuter cyclists that incorporates illuminated signaling, so they may more safely share the road with motorists.
To view my portfolio click here.
To see more of my work visit my Behance.

My passion for design stemmed from my childhood imagination and love for the toys that helped reinforce it. As I got older my insatiable curiosity of how things functioned was the underlying foundation of my path. That, combined with my creative side, was the perfect gateway into the design world. During my 5 years at UC, I have learned that design is much more than making something that looks good; design affects everyone, and I want what I design to affect people positively.

I was born in Florida, but then moved to Indiana. I have interests in travel, music, movies, video games, archery, mountain biking, and collecting toy robots.

Enjoy the show!



Amber McAlpine

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at our class website.

After spending 5 semesters working for different companies across the US, I have developed professional design research experience working on projects for Whirlpool, Kohler Company, Chrysler, Honeywell, and Wrigley Company. Spending time on both the corporate side as well as the agency side, I have a unique perspective of what it is like to be client and also a consultant.

For my capstone project, I am designing research and strategy methods to better understand the potential for new products and solutions that address safety for female runners.

To see more of my work, check out my website ambermcalpine.com where I have also been updating progress on my capstone.

I was fortunate enough to attend a high school that valued experiential education where I was able to explore my interest of design. Starting my freshman year, I spent a week shadowing an Industrial Designer at a well known design consultancy in Columbus, Ohio, Priority Designs. From there I explored other areas of design from interior, back to product, and finally landing on design research my senior year of high school. Marrying my passions in both the creative and analytical realms, design research gained my interest very early on. Deciding to go to school for Industrial Design allowed me to explore my creative side and better understand the design process which led me to be able to gain insight into what is needed from research in order to ensure insights are taken into the design process effectively.
Although I spent most of my life growing up in Columbus, Ohio, I was born in Oregon and will always love the pacific northwest. I’m a distance runner on both the Cross Country and Track Varsity teams at the University of Cincinnati and have found it to be a great outlet for me while also teaching me to be disciplined and use my time wisely.

Thank you for checking us out! Hope to see you at the show!



Emily Nimrick

Hey! How’s it going?

I have worked at several places during my time at UC including LiveWell Collaborative, Jack Rouse Associates, Catalyst PDG, and PING. I’ve worked on everything from social design, attraction and user experience design, consultancy work, accessories, to softgoods design.

For my capstone I am designing a golf swing analyzer that will take all the complexities of the golf swing and pare them down to a consumer product that is easy for all levels of golfers to use to improve their skills with.

To see some of my work, check out my website: www.emilynimrick.com.

I took a lot of design courses in high school and my teacher suggested I look into industrial design as an option for college. I’ve always been the creative one in the family and wanted to continue that passion during college. Industrial design has been the perfect fit for me. I love the idea of getting to design products that people use everyday and absolutely fall in love with. The products that people can’t imagine their life before them are the ones that amaze me.

I love to be outside as much as possible either hiking, kayaking, or just relaxing. I grew up in Belgium where my passion for adventure and travel began and has never stopped. I jump at the chance to experience a new place.

Thanks for stopping by!