Mitch Bernarding

I’ve had many great experiences during my co-ops at Adidas, Vans, and Pratt Display.

My capstone goal is Create a new snowboard binding system to speed up the process of strapping in.

Check out my portfolio here.

I enjoy working side by side with athletes and help them perform their best through design. Outside of studio I like snowboarding, basketball, baseball, golf, beer, and good food.



Sam Elsbrock

Hello Mr. Sir/Ms. Madam

I have successfully created a brand and eyewear collection on a multidisciplinary team in collaboration with Luxottica that is currently selling across the US in 900 Lenscrafters stores. I have worked with clients on optimizing their CAD data for the DMLS (3D metal printing) process in the oil & gas, medical, and aviation industries. Lastly, I collaborated in design work at Crown Equipment, simultaneously refining designs based on ergonomic models while personally driving a project addressing new market entries in a blue sky conceptual manner.

For my capstone I am designing a sneaker that provides greater traction & comfort to improver user’s performance during usage of the TRX suspension training system.

To see more of my work visit me at: samelsbrock.com

I grew up playing with legos as the only toy I really needed. As I got older I started looking at athletic shoes all day and still continue that habit to this day! I have always had a taste for exclusive, beautiful objects never failing to give my parents heart attacks due to my Christmas list. I was a very balanced student in high school; excelling in mathematics, psychology, life sciences while also enjoying painting, clay throwing, and 2D design classes. When I found out that I could go to college for a major that includes all those academic disciplines I knew it was a done deal and had to get into UC. I have never looked back since growing to appreciate the impact design can have on any endeavor aiming to change the way people interact with the world.
I am a Cincinnatian through & through, I’ve never given up on my Bengals or Bearcats. I am a live music fanatic, slackliner, yogi, and a terrible golfer.

Regards! Enjoy the show



Jordyn Klumpp

Well hello there!

I have over a years worth of experience working in outdoor gear and soft goods! Through UC I have had the opportunity to work on brands such as Thule, Yeti Cycles, Scubapro, Cabela’s and Mountain Standard. I’m lookin’ forward to furthering my knowledge at Nike in Beaverton, OR post graduation!

For my capstone, I am designing a system of backcountry ski apparel that aims to bridge the gap between athletic outdoor and urban street style to design a more versatile garment.

Growing up around an avid sneakerhead and fashion designer really inspired me from an early age. I found my own niche (and obsession) in soft goods and outdoor gear. I believe that getting your hands on the materials and building the product yourself is key to understanding the industry and making stellar gear.

I am a die hard bag lady from Cincinnati with a knack for making all things soft goods. Outside of that I’m an avid traveler who loves illustration and a good southern style meal☺

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Ellie Koenig

Yello! Thanks for checking us out.

My work experience has taken me from here in Cincinnati all the way to Belgium, designing everything from laser-cut oatmeal pumps and power tools, to plotting an educational farm plan, and re-imagining the potential of a humble drawer. I’ve worked in small-brand, corporate, and consultancy settings, and am eager to find my next challenge!

For my capstone I am currently creating a concept shop carrying storage homewares inspired by commonplace objects. Designed ubiquity and familiar forms. Ooh! Ahh! Wow.

Feel free to swing by my website! You can find me at: elliskoenig.space

I like things. Whether it is my hockey stick, guitar, or pickle jar, things that have either a form or a function have always fascinated me. I think the simplest problems are the most fun to solve, and smiling feels good.

I like travel, tea, and cold weather. A Boston native, hockey is my game of choice. In my free time, I am pickling things, plucking guitar strings, and thinking about my next meal. My goal for 2016 is to master an ollie. We’ll see!
Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to check out my classmates! #talented #goobers



Justin Lambert

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Over the past 5 years at DAAP I have had the chance to live and work in 7 cities in the US and abroad for a total of 2 years of professional experience. At these companies I had the opportunity to work with notable clients such as Google, Intel, Under Armour, Adidas, Pebble, New Balance, and Samsung. I look forward to continuing to work in San Francisco with Pebble after graduation.

For my capstone, I am working with Abraham Wolke to develop a high protein, low sugar, whole foods based protein bar. It didn’t exist, so we made it.

To check out some of my work, go to justlambert.com

I started in industrial design with a passion for aesthetics and functionality, but stayed in design for its ability to allow you to problem solve and create in nearly any industry.

I was born and raised in Ohio, but I have moved to the west coast to be closer to the outdoors, innovative industries, and Elon Musk.

Thanks for checking out our site!


Priscilla Lin


I have worked in various industries including packaging, furniture, and toys. My favorite co-ops were at Hasbro and Factor 10 where I designed cool and/or cute things. I am currently doing freelance work for Factor 10.

For my capstone I’m developing a plush toy that comforts children coping with grief and enables parental awareness through the use of biosensors. I’m interested in how toys and games have a unique ability to tackle tough topics and concepts because of their accessibility.

If you want to get in touch, please email me at Priscillarlin@outlook.com

What I like about design is that you can’t buy everything you want but you can scheme about how to make better and cheaper alternatives while cackling to yourself!

I play a lot of video games and yes, I have watched the entirety of the show you’re talking about!

The End.


Sarah Mallory

Well hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

My two most recent internships, Ghost Works and Winter Session, gave me the opportunity to work closely on soft goods related projects. My time spent at SET Creative, Design Central, and Hasbro helped me to become a well rounded designer by working on a variety of projects.

For my capstone project I am designing Fernveer, a travel line including a a jacket, backpack, and daypack, that are designed with the eager adventurer in mind.

My combined love of art and sewing were the building blocks of my passion for soft goods design. It is rewarding for me to see people interact with and cherish carefully designed and handmade products. I love to incorporate my hunger for travel and new experiences into my design process.
I am an avid traveler, a leather working maven, an extreme roller coaster rider, a drinker of delicious craft beer, and a killer of all house plants.

Thanks for your time!



Trevor Mast

Over my college career I have had the privilege of gaining professional design experience with companies like Tetrafab, Bakery Crafts, eBags.com, Hasbro, Bissell Homecare, and Bang Zoom Design.
I am designing a backpack for commuter cyclists that incorporates illuminated signaling, so they may more safely share the road with motorists.
To view my portfolio click here.
To see more of my work visit my Behance.

My passion for design stemmed from my childhood imagination and love for the toys that helped reinforce it. As I got older my insatiable curiosity of how things functioned was the underlying foundation of my path. That, combined with my creative side, was the perfect gateway into the design world. During my 5 years at UC, I have learned that design is much more than making something that looks good; design affects everyone, and I want what I design to affect people positively.

I was born in Florida, but then moved to Indiana. I have interests in travel, music, movies, video games, archery, mountain biking, and collecting toy robots.

Enjoy the show!



Kristin McGinnis


I have worked on the design teams of Boston Whaler fishing boats, Sea Ray yachts, Owens-Illinois glass packaging (yay liquor bottles!), and spent 13 years prior as a painter at a pottery shop. My heart lies in the objects that move us across land and sea.

For my capstone, I am designing the future of human Life on Mars: a rugged and fun Jeep rover.

To see more of my work, check out optikalmusik.tumblr.com

I chose industrial design because Design is the perfect marriage between Art and Engineering: beautiful, functional; emotional, precise. Transportation design is the embodiment of all of these qualities, a physical manifestation of an owner’s personality, sculpture in purposeful motion.

As you may have guessed, I love cars and boats, and the cultures that emanate from them. In my free time, I sail, kayak, surf (or try to), travel, and snuggle with my cat.


katieminning panel

Katie Minning

Hi, I’m Katie!

Designing and making products for the home is my passion. With almost two years of experience working for companies such as Fossil, Loft llc, Target, Frontgate, and Ampersand, I’ve been able to get a little taste of it all. During my time at these companies, I was able to design product which is now sold on the market.

For my capstone, I am building my own brand based on the ideas of simplicity and happiness in nostalgia, and making a line of furniture, home goods, and accessories to showcase it.

To follow my capstone process, follow me on Instagram @katieminn
And to see more of my work, check out my website katieminning.com

Ever since I knew how, I’ve loved working with my hands. From arts and crafts as a kid to learning the ways of the wood lathe from my Dad, I’ve had a passion to make beautiful things that have a meaning. Now I’m able to make that a reality. Industrial Design opened my eyes to the possibilities of making products that people can own and love and pass on for generations.

I am a Cincinnatian born and raised, bowler, woodworker, cat lover, and expert sudoku solver.