Annie Benvie

Yo! How goes it muggles?

I have five co-op experiences. Two co-ops at Hasbro, two at Fossil, and one at Vans.

For my capstone I’m designing a system to make clothing and shopping more accessible to people with visual impairments.

Check out my work at anniebenviedesign.com/

I’ve always been a creative person. As a kid with my brother we would come up with these wild inventions and we always said that he would make them and I would be the one who came up with the ideas. Well now my brother is an engineer and I’m a designer!

Outside of studio, I enjoy kickboxing, rock climbing, Marvel move marathons, reading Harry Potter repeatedly, hoarding candles, and buying shoes.

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Colin Cormier

Oh hey! Hi! Didn’t see ya there!

In my time at the University of Cincinnati, I’ve been lucky to have a wide range of professional work experiences. I’ve been fortunate to work for corporate giants such as Boeing, Proctor & Gamble, Pfizer, and Kryptonite as well as getting down and dirty at Rookwood Pottery and UC’s very own Rapid Prototyping Lab. My experiences today have led me to a dive in the freelancing world and have allowed me to comfortably explore my entrepreneurial spirit.

For my capstone, I’m designing a safer alternative to fast roping for soldiers deploying from helicopters.

You can check more of my work at Behance: https://www.behance.net/cormiercolin

I remember sitting down to see the premier of Ironman in 2008. I loved that movie, and what stuck with me was Tony Starks’ workshop. I instantly knew what I wanted to do when (if) I ever grow up: I want to push the boundaries of what we think is possible and bring it all to life.

You know what’s exciting? Differential equations. Just kidding. That’s why I’m not an engineer, and landed at DAAP. Over my five years at UC, I’ve been fortunate to learn about how design and applied creativity can solve just about any problem.

When I’m not busy shooting a puck around, watching movies, playing trivia, bumping Wu-Tang Clan, or face down in a plate of poutine, you can probably find me fleshing out my next crazy idea. This week’s idea? Shoe wallets.

Want to bring an idea to life? Or recommend your favorite restaurant? Get in touch with me at colincormierdesigns@gmail.com. Cheers!



Patrick Hebauf

Hey y’all

I have worked at two packaging firms, Pratt Industries and Rock Tenn Design. In addition to those two I did two semesters as a model shop intern at Crown Equipment and one semester as a shop supervisor in the DAAP Woodshop.

I am designing the future of small, maneuverable tractors for the small-time agribusiness. My design puts emphasis on both operator comfort and maneuverability by introducing ingenuity that is a hallmark of the New Holland brand.
Check out my capstone blog!

I chose industrial design because I have been a car-nut from the very beginning and saw an opportunity in transportation design. I also saw it as a way of marrying my love of building and creating with my love of aesthetics and functionality.
As I said before I am into cars. I love tinkering with them, fixing them, and looking at them. I also have a passion for music and movies, as well as science fiction. In my spare time I workout and work in my parents greenhouses.

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Amy Johnson


Throughout my five years in DAAP I have completed over a year and a half of co-ops and enjoyed every minute of them. My work experience has ranged from marketing to structural design and ended with consumer research, giving me a great insight into everything that we can do as industrial designers.

For my capstone, I’m creating a board game for children that will help them better understand nutrition in a fun, interactive way.

If you would like to see more of my work, check me out on Behance. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about myself, my involvement, and where I want to go with design.

Like many of my peers, I was very involved in the art department of my high school. I became interested in the physical form of objects while crafting my metalworking skills and learning how to work in a 3D space. Design came into my life because I wanted to find a way to combine creativity and the business world. I believe that design has a powerful impact on our world and I’m looking forward to seeing where this field expands to in the coming years.

I get joy from being active, convincing prospective students to attend UC, finding and making healthy alternatives to my favorite desserts (even though they don’t always turn out great), and watching too many Netflix documentaries.

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Priya Khosla

During my time at DAAP, I was able to co-op at a variety of places and the two that really inspired and challenged me were LPK and Design Central

For my capstone, I am exploring the implementation of fashion lifestyle into everyday medical equipment by developing a portable oxygen concentrator with a fashion based brand and vision.

You can see my work at priyakhosla.com

I am inspired by the bond people share through common emotions and experiences and found industrial design is the perfect bridge to not only delve deeper into studying human behavior but also influence it.

My interests are writing, meeting new people, margaritas, illustration, finding new music and going to shows.

Feel free to reach out @pkbranded@gmail.com
All the best,



Amber McAlpine

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at our class website.

After spending 5 semesters working for different companies across the US, I have developed professional design research experience working on projects for Whirlpool, Kohler Company, Chrysler, Honeywell, and Wrigley Company. Spending time on both the corporate side as well as the agency side, I have a unique perspective of what it is like to be client and also a consultant.

For my capstone project, I am designing research and strategy methods to better understand the potential for new products and solutions that address safety for female runners.

To see more of my work, check out my website ambermcalpine.com where I have also been updating progress on my capstone.

I was fortunate enough to attend a high school that valued experiential education where I was able to explore my interest of design. Starting my freshman year, I spent a week shadowing an Industrial Designer at a well known design consultancy in Columbus, Ohio, Priority Designs. From there I explored other areas of design from interior, back to product, and finally landing on design research my senior year of high school. Marrying my passions in both the creative and analytical realms, design research gained my interest very early on. Deciding to go to school for Industrial Design allowed me to explore my creative side and better understand the design process which led me to be able to gain insight into what is needed from research in order to ensure insights are taken into the design process effectively.
Although I spent most of my life growing up in Columbus, Ohio, I was born in Oregon and will always love the pacific northwest. I’m a distance runner on both the Cross Country and Track Varsity teams at the University of Cincinnati and have found it to be a great outlet for me while also teaching me to be disciplined and use my time wisely.

Thank you for checking us out! Hope to see you at the show!



Rose Mervis

During my time at DAAP, I have learned about many different types of product design. My co-ops have mainly been in packaging, branding, and event design. While in-class, I have focused on user-centered and medical design. Also, I gained international experience while studying and working abroad in Germany.

For my capstone I am designing a non-traditional, mobile workstation for healthcare professionals in hospitals.

To see my work, check out my website: www.rosemervis.com

My strengths have always been in the arts, math, and science. Industrial Design has allowed be to find the perfect balance between using my creativity and problem solving skills. I love immersing myself into new topics, discovering problems, and finding innovative solutions.

I am really into iced tea and finding the best tacos.



Elana Pentelnik

Hi There! Come find out what I have to offer!

I have almost 2 years worth of work experience varying from corporations like 3M and PHILIPS, to design consultancies, such as IA Collaborative. I’ve gotten to work on a variety of projects including packaging, medical, health & wellness, architectural experience, and consumer electronics.

For my senior capstone, I am designing an urban beehive that builds confidence and encourages people to begin beekeeping with a CNC milled hive integrated with an educational and reassuring website, to ultimately combat colony collapse.

To see more of my work, check out my website, elanapentelnik.com

With an artist for a mother and an engineer for a father, it was destiny for me to end up in Industrial Design. I have always loved art and even took summer gym so I could fit more art classes into my schedule in high school. Luckily I’ve also always had a fascination for people, and after taking AP Psychology, and learning about how ID truly focuses on users and experiences/interactions, I was sold. My empathy truly influences my designs. I am fascinated by social interactions and cultures from other countries but also the varying cultures in our own “backyard”. These skills of focusing on the user and identifying the core root of the problem help define my unique point of view.

Some fun facts: I am originally from Cincinnati but have lived all over, even before moving around for my internships: Baltimore, London, and Israel. I love exploring new places and finding hidden gems. I’ve been a vegetarian since birth and have no plans of changing that.

Thanks for stopping by!


Ben Wagner

I have 20 months of experience in product design. On co-op I worked on projects in a broad range of categories including medical, lifestyle goods, shoes, commercial machinery, retail environments, and packaging.
For my capstone, I am exploring the topic of E-bikes and how to make bike shares more accessible in cities with hills.

I chose design because it was a way of merging art, working with my hands, and storytelling. In my view design has two goals; the first is to make peoples lives easier, the second is to enhance the personal narrative we call life.
I’m a cyclist, a car loving gearhead, a huge fan of local beers, and reader of books that challenge the way I think (Gladwell, Kerouac, Nietzsche, etc).

Thanks for reading.



Erin Wenig

I’m Erin, a senior at The University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP).
In my time at DAAP I have had nearly two years of work experience over five internships including experiences in medical device design at Ethicon, Inc. and design research at The University of Cincinnati Medical Center and Stuart Karten Design. Through these internships I was able to discover my love of design research and the thrill of gathering information and making new connections with data.

Right now I am applying everything I’ve learned both through my work experiences and my studios at DAAP to my senior capstone project. My capstone is centered on the development of a hybrid control system and headset for assistive robotic arms that combines electroencephalography (EEG) and head motion tracking.

I first decided to pursue an Industrial Design degree because it sounded really fun! I’m glad I chose design because it allowed to learn and explore topics that I was interested in as well as provided the opportunity to gain valuable work experiences.

Outside of studio I am interested in staying caffeinated, dystopian futuristic fiction, human anatomy, and volunteering for FIRST Robotics.

You can check out my work at erinwenig.com