Codee Adams

Whats up! Welcome to the class of UCID 2016!

From the US to Sweden and Guatemala, my five co-op semesters have given me a year and a half of wildly diverse experience having worked in toy design, ceramic manufacturing, consulting and social enterprise.

From the US to Sweden and Guatemala, my five co-op semesters have given me a year and a half of wildly diverse experience having worked in toy design, ceramic manufacturing, consulting and social enterprise.

For my capstone, I’m developing the brand and initial growth strategy for a local botanical brewery, reviving herbal tradition in fermentation with a pair of flagship ginger beers.

Follow me and BCE on instagram! @bcebotanicalbrewery

I came to UC in 2010 to study Chemical Engineering, with interests in environmentalism. Learning about the sustainability movement and versatility of design, I switched into ID. Now my career is gravitating towards social & environmental impact design and permaculture; creating a world for people to be truly well.

I’m into music, food, fermentation and the eons of co-evolution humans have shared with microbacteria.

Thanks a lot! Remember wherever you go, there you are!


Annie Benvie

Yo! How goes it muggles?

I have five co-op experiences. Two co-ops at Hasbro, two at Fossil, and one at Vans.

For my capstone I’m designing a system to make clothing and shopping more accessible to people with visual impairments.

Check out my work at anniebenviedesign.com/

I’ve always been a creative person. As a kid with my brother we would come up with these wild inventions and we always said that he would make them and I would be the one who came up with the ideas. Well now my brother is an engineer and I’m a designer!

Outside of studio, I enjoy kickboxing, rock climbing, Marvel move marathons, reading Harry Potter repeatedly, hoarding candles, and buying shoes.

Thanks for checking me out!



Mitch Bernarding

I’ve had many great experiences during my co-ops at Adidas, Vans, and Pratt Display.

My capstone goal is Create a new snowboard binding system to speed up the process of strapping in.

Check out my portfolio here.

I enjoy working side by side with athletes and help them perform their best through design. Outside of studio I like snowboarding, basketball, baseball, golf, beer, and good food.



Ben Burris

Welcome folks, make yourselves at home

I had a blast on all of my coops. Things I have worked on include the interior of a private jet , high tech ATM’s, a $12,000 desk, top secret stuff for Britta water filters, stuff for a 360º action camera and more.

For my capstone I am redesigning a build it yourself speaker kit so it can be assembled, tool-free, like furniture from IKEA.

My baby book says that I wanted to design toasters so I guess you could say I have been interested in design for a (my) lifetime. Out of high school I didn’t have good enough grades to get into DAAP so I studied digital design at CSCC and worked really hard to stay on the deans list. Seven years after setting my mind on DAAP I’m finally graduating.

Im into really high quality materials such as aluminum, hardwoods, and titanium. I try not to call myself an audiophile, foodie or a trecky, but unfortunately I am all three.

Thanks for looking!


Frank Busch

Hello friends! Thanks for checking out the work of my classmates and I.

I have worked for a wide variety of companies gaining professional experience over the past 5 years. My latest experiences include Kaleidoscope, Mitek Sports Medicine, and Ethicon. I love to connect personally to the problems I am trying to solve and getting firsthand experience to understand what I am working on.

For my capstone, I am designing a family of state of the art position specific lacrosse heads within an overarching brand that gives honor to the tradition and heritage of the game based on the attributes from specific Native American tribes.

I grew up having a knack for science, math, and art. Through design I have found a perfect storm of combining my strengths to become a well thought out and innovative problem solver. The definition of an Industrial Designer is changing into somebody who needs to wear more hats that they can fit in their closet and that is my favorite part of the process. I think design has an incredible view of the world and can have massive impacts to the quality of human life.

I am a born and raised Indiana Hoosier who broke a bubble and loves to see what the world has to offer through travel. I give more high fives than anyone you know and think a positive attitude makes every difference in life.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy what my class and I are up to!


Will Chickering

I want to impress you.
While currently in Flexible Packaging Design, I’ve bounced around between Semi-Permanent Point-of-Purchase Displays, Luxury Product Visual-Brand-Language, and Floor Spaces for Children’s Museums. Whew! I don’t call it spreading myself too thin or wandering through experiences, I say I’m doing what I know best: rounding out an extensive sphere of design knowledge.

I am unveiling HOLO: a device that will project life-size holograms of anyone or anything into your home, breaking through to the future of entertainment, education, and round-the-world 3D communication.
I appreciate variety and differences. Product Design at DAAP has given me the skills to create anything and everything imaginable. I care less for refinement and more for invention. Do not ask ‘why?’ – ask ‘why not?’

In the past few years, I have successfully produced a 6-foot interactive LED floor lamp, a digital baby grand piano, ‘vertical vinyl” jukebox, giant filament bulb chandelier, and oh yeah, a beautiful daughter named Rose.



Alex DeStasio

Hi! I’m Alex.
I’ve worked at a range of different companies, most recently Astro Studios in SF. My capstone is centered around a brand of watches that balance an authentic analog watch experience with minimal digital interactions. Check out my work at: www.alexdestasio.com

I’m interested in creating beautiful and cohesive product experiences that users can connect with. I especially like designing consumer electronics, lifestyle products, and home goods.

When I’m not designing, I enjoy drinking coffee, looking at art, thinking about the beach, eating burritos, and listening to Ratatat.
Thanks for stopping by!



Evan Dempsey

Hi there! I’m Evan.

I have over a year and half of experience working at design studios spread across the country. I’ve worked on a variety of projects ranging from consumer electronics, to packaging, to furniture.

For my capstone, I am designing a household lighting system thats gives users more control over their environments.

I entered industrial design excited by the opportunity to create objects that are important to people. I believe in taking a rational approach to designing objects that improve everyday life.

I’m into home goods, consumer electronics, and furniture.

Thanks for looking!


Joe Fegelman


I have 18 months of experience working in a variety of fields from medical design at Ethicon to environmental design at MKG. I also spent a year abroad working and studying in Austria, Germany, and Croatia.

For my capstone, I am designing a mobile pop-up store for London Fog that seeks to re-position the company as a relevant and exciting brand.

To see more of my work, check out JoeFegelman.com

I chose industrial design to deal with the subjective world. Design is at the crossroads of the rational and irrational – every decision requires you to listen to both your gut and your brain, always finding the right balance.

I’m into driving through the mountains.

Thank you


Eric Harsh

Hey, I’m Eric

I’ve worked professionally in prototyping, toy design, experience design, interaction design, and product design. Through co-op I’ve designed for influential corporations like Microsoft, Google, Logitech, and Hyundai as well as small startups.

For my capstone, I’m designing a device family that explores the future of ubiquitous computing.

You can find my work on my website ericharsh.com
or on Behance.

When I first got into industrial design I didn’t really know what it was – I just knew I wanted to do something that was both creative and intellectually challenging. Now I know what it is, and I like it.

I have several large and cumbersome hobbies that make moving incredibly difficult. I collect vinyl records, occasionally play an instrument, and read books & zines.

Thanks for checking out UCID16.