Codee Adams

Whats up! Welcome to the class of UCID 2016!

From the US to Sweden and Guatemala, my five co-op semesters have given me a year and a half of wildly diverse experience having worked in toy design, ceramic manufacturing, consulting and social enterprise.

From the US to Sweden and Guatemala, my five co-op semesters have given me a year and a half of wildly diverse experience having worked in toy design, ceramic manufacturing, consulting and social enterprise.

For my capstone, I’m developing the brand and initial growth strategy for a local botanical brewery, reviving herbal tradition in fermentation with a pair of flagship ginger beers.

Follow me and BCE on instagram! @bcebotanicalbrewery

I came to UC in 2010 to study Chemical Engineering, with interests in environmentalism. Learning about the sustainability movement and versatility of design, I switched into ID. Now my career is gravitating towards social & environmental impact design and permaculture; creating a world for people to be truly well.

I’m into music, food, fermentation and the eons of co-evolution humans have shared with microbacteria.

Thanks a lot! Remember wherever you go, there you are!


Joe Fegelman


I have 18 months of experience working in a variety of fields from medical design at Ethicon to environmental design at MKG. I also spent a year abroad working and studying in Austria, Germany, and Croatia.

For my capstone, I am designing a mobile pop-up store for London Fog that seeks to re-position the company as a relevant and exciting brand.

To see more of my work, check out JoeFegelman.com

I chose industrial design to deal with the subjective world. Design is at the crossroads of the rational and irrational – every decision requires you to listen to both your gut and your brain, always finding the right balance.

I’m into driving through the mountains.

Thank you


Priya Khosla

During my time at DAAP, I was able to co-op at a variety of places and the two that really inspired and challenged me were LPK and Design Central

For my capstone, I am exploring the implementation of fashion lifestyle into everyday medical equipment by developing a portable oxygen concentrator with a fashion based brand and vision.

You can see my work at priyakhosla.com

I am inspired by the bond people share through common emotions and experiences and found industrial design is the perfect bridge to not only delve deeper into studying human behavior but also influence it.

My interests are writing, meeting new people, margaritas, illustration, finding new music and going to shows.

Feel free to reach out @pkbranded@gmail.com
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Ellie Koenig

Yello! Thanks for checking us out.

My work experience has taken me from here in Cincinnati all the way to Belgium, designing everything from laser-cut oatmeal pumps and power tools, to plotting an educational farm plan, and re-imagining the potential of a humble drawer. I’ve worked in small-brand, corporate, and consultancy settings, and am eager to find my next challenge!

For my capstone I am currently creating a concept shop carrying storage homewares inspired by commonplace objects. Designed ubiquity and familiar forms. Ooh! Ahh! Wow.

Feel free to swing by my website! You can find me at: elliskoenig.space

I like things. Whether it is my hockey stick, guitar, or pickle jar, things that have either a form or a function have always fascinated me. I think the simplest problems are the most fun to solve, and smiling feels good.

I like travel, tea, and cold weather. A Boston native, hockey is my game of choice. In my free time, I am pickling things, plucking guitar strings, and thinking about my next meal. My goal for 2016 is to master an ollie. We’ll see!
Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to check out my classmates! #talented #goobers



Rose Mervis

During my time at DAAP, I have learned about many different types of product design. My co-ops have mainly been in packaging, branding, and event design. While in-class, I have focused on user-centered and medical design. Also, I gained international experience while studying and working abroad in Germany.

For my capstone I am designing a non-traditional, mobile workstation for healthcare professionals in hospitals.

To see my work, check out my website: www.rosemervis.com

My strengths have always been in the arts, math, and science. Industrial Design has allowed be to find the perfect balance between using my creativity and problem solving skills. I love immersing myself into new topics, discovering problems, and finding innovative solutions.

I am really into iced tea and finding the best tacos.


katieminning panel

Katie Minning

Hi, I’m Katie!

Designing and making products for the home is my passion. With almost two years of experience working for companies such as Fossil, Loft llc, Target, Frontgate, and Ampersand, I’ve been able to get a little taste of it all. During my time at these companies, I was able to design product which is now sold on the market.

For my capstone, I am building my own brand based on the ideas of simplicity and happiness in nostalgia, and making a line of furniture, home goods, and accessories to showcase it.

To follow my capstone process, follow me on Instagram @katieminn
And to see more of my work, check out my website katieminning.com

Ever since I knew how, I’ve loved working with my hands. From arts and crafts as a kid to learning the ways of the wood lathe from my Dad, I’ve had a passion to make beautiful things that have a meaning. Now I’m able to make that a reality. Industrial Design opened my eyes to the possibilities of making products that people can own and love and pass on for generations.

I am a Cincinnatian born and raised, bowler, woodworker, cat lover, and expert sudoku solver.




Nolan Schultz

How’s it going? Thanks for taking the time to check out our work.

I have 20 months of professional design experience, ranging from small furniture and home good companies Ampersand and Such&Such (both Cincinnait), to global companies Hallmark (Kansas City), Fossil//DKNY (Dallas) and lastly to a concept to launch design studio Sprout Studios (Boston).

For my capstone, I am designing a hand-crafted line of wood/metal watches that fuses organic materials with modern design details and aesthetics.  The line of watches consists of three case body sizes ranging from 38mm, 42mm, and 46mm, with 6 main tropical hardwoods for it’s colorway stories.

To follow my capstone process follow me on Instagram @nolan_schultz

To see more of my work, check out my Behance.

I came from a sports heavy background, while also being lucky enough to have an introduction to art, architecture/drafting and making classes in high school which helped guide my passion into the design world. Over the past 5 years I gained a better understanding of how to craft meaningful objects that could positively impact a humans life.
I was born and raised a Cleveland fan, and even though we haven’t won anything in my lifetime I believe it can still happen (well probably not the Browns). I love hiking, the outdoors, playing sports and taking back a cold one. But at the end of the day I would like nothing more that to be wood working in a cabin wood-shop in the middle of the woods.

Take it easy and enjoy the show. Peace



Ben Wagner

I have 20 months of experience in product design. On co-op I worked on projects in a broad range of categories including medical, lifestyle goods, shoes, commercial machinery, retail environments, and packaging.
For my capstone, I am exploring the topic of E-bikes and how to make bike shares more accessible in cities with hills.

I chose design because it was a way of merging art, working with my hands, and storytelling. In my view design has two goals; the first is to make peoples lives easier, the second is to enhance the personal narrative we call life.
I’m a cyclist, a car loving gearhead, a huge fan of local beers, and reader of books that challenge the way I think (Gladwell, Kerouac, Nietzsche, etc).

Thanks for reading.



Adam Wolf


I’ve co-oped in a variety of fields and firms across the country, from doing packaging design in Connecticut to design National Park Visitor Centers in Seattle. Most recently, I co-oped at MKG, an experiential branding firm in New York.

For my capstone I am outfitting a school bus into a mobile bar that travels the country promoting various local craft beers.

Check out my work at adamwolfdesign.com

For me, industrial design has provided a physical outlet for my creativity. Growing up, I was always been obsessed with designing spaces and environments, whether in video games or with legos, and now design has allowed me to take this obsession into the real world.

I’m a doodler and coffee drinker who’s always up for watching a Cincinnati sport team try (and fail) to win a game.
Thanks for reading!