Zeke Seminario

Through UC’s co-op program I’ve gained more than a 1.5 years of experience working professionally. I’ve worked for major global brands such as Braun, Clorox, Kohler, and Logitech as well as a host of small startups in consulting and corporate settings.
For my capstone I’m creating a physical shopping tool designed to encourage shopping at farmer’s markets and reduce food waste at home.
You can check out my work at zekeseminario.com

I became an industrial designer because I love how flexible, logical, and hands on industrial design process is and because of the enjoyment I get out of using and owning great products. When I’m not working I love to get outside and do something active. I grew up climbing, biking, and skiing in the Pacific NW and whenever I move to a new city I like to seek out the best outdoor experiences it has to offer.

Thanks for taking a look at my work!