Will Chickering

I want to impress you.
While currently in Flexible Packaging Design, I’ve bounced around between Semi-Permanent Point-of-Purchase Displays, Luxury Product Visual-Brand-Language, and Floor Spaces for Children’s Museums. Whew! I don’t call it spreading myself too thin or wandering through experiences, I say I’m doing what I know best: rounding out an extensive sphere of design knowledge.

I am unveiling HOLO: a device that will project life-size holograms of anyone or anything into your home, breaking through to the future of entertainment, education, and round-the-world 3D communication.
I appreciate variety and differences. Product Design at DAAP has given me the skills to create anything and everything imaginable. I care less for refinement and more for invention. Do not ask ‘why?’ – ask ‘why not?’

In the past few years, I have successfully produced a 6-foot interactive LED floor lamp, a digital baby grand piano, ‘vertical vinyl” jukebox, giant filament bulb chandelier, and oh yeah, a beautiful daughter named Rose.