Trevor Mast

Over my college career I have had the privilege of gaining professional design experience with companies like Tetrafab, Bakery Crafts, eBags.com, Hasbro, Bissell Homecare, and Bang Zoom Design.
I am designing a backpack for commuter cyclists that incorporates illuminated signaling, so they may more safely share the road with motorists.
To view my portfolio click here.
To see more of my work visit my Behance.

My passion for design stemmed from my childhood imagination and love for the toys that helped reinforce it. As I got older my insatiable curiosity of how things functioned was the underlying foundation of my path. That, combined with my creative side, was the perfect gateway into the design world. During my 5 years at UC, I have learned that design is much more than making something that looks good; design affects everyone, and I want what I design to affect people positively.

I was born in Florida, but then moved to Indiana. I have interests in travel, music, movies, video games, archery, mountain biking, and collecting toy robots.

Enjoy the show!