Sarah Mallory

Well hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

My two most recent internships, Ghost Works and Winter Session, gave me the opportunity to work closely on soft goods related projects. My time spent at SET Creative, Design Central, and Hasbro helped me to become a well rounded designer by working on a variety of projects.

For my capstone project I am designing Fernveer, a travel line including a a jacket, backpack, and daypack, that are designed with the eager adventurer in mind.

My combined love of art and sewing were the building blocks of my passion for soft goods design. It is rewarding for me to see people interact with and cherish carefully designed and handmade products. I love to incorporate my hunger for travel and new experiences into my design process.
I am an avid traveler, a leather working maven, an extreme roller coaster rider, a drinker of delicious craft beer, and a killer of all house plants.

Thanks for your time!