Sam Elsbrock

Hello Mr. Sir/Ms. Madam

I have successfully created a brand and eyewear collection on a multidisciplinary team in collaboration with Luxottica that is currently selling across the US in 900 Lenscrafters stores. I have worked with clients on optimizing their CAD data for the DMLS (3D metal printing) process in the oil & gas, medical, and aviation industries. Lastly, I collaborated in design work at Crown Equipment, simultaneously refining designs based on ergonomic models while personally driving a project addressing new market entries in a blue sky conceptual manner.

For my capstone I am designing a sneaker that provides greater traction & comfort to improver user’s performance during usage of the TRX suspension training system.

To see more of my work visit me at: samelsbrock.com

I grew up playing with legos as the only toy I really needed. As I got older I started looking at athletic shoes all day and still continue that habit to this day! I have always had a taste for exclusive, beautiful objects never failing to give my parents heart attacks due to my Christmas list. I was a very balanced student in high school; excelling in mathematics, psychology, life sciences while also enjoying painting, clay throwing, and 2D design classes. When I found out that I could go to college for a major that includes all those academic disciplines I knew it was a done deal and had to get into UC. I have never looked back since growing to appreciate the impact design can have on any endeavor aiming to change the way people interact with the world.
I am a Cincinnatian through & through, I’ve never given up on my Bengals or Bearcats. I am a live music fanatic, slackliner, yogi, and a terrible golfer.

Regards! Enjoy the show