Ray Hollingsworth


I started my career at DAAP working for John Dixon, owner of Cincinnati based home goods and furniture company, Dixon Branded. I owe much to his mentorship and the positive impact he had on my design theory. I’ve also worked at Fisher Price, VSN Mobil, Arcadia Contract, Such & Such, and most recently Code and Theory, an ad agency in New York City.

My capstone is centered around a belief that we are more a part of the environment than we are ourselves. Furniture provides a tangible opportunity to both explore and represent the “normal” ; objects which uphold subconscious expectation.

If you would like to check out some my work, you can find it here at raymond-hollingsworth.squarespace.com
Design to me is a means of process. An organic train of thought, reaction, and eventual discovery by which to evaluate the holistic existence of nature and our relation to it. What I value most about design is an inescapable questioning of the why; which in turn leads to deep introspection a broadened sense of empathy for others.

Besides design I enjoy shredding skateboards, meeting people, loving nature, traveling and doodling landscape art.

Anyway thanks for reading, make it a good one!