Priscilla Lin


I have worked in various industries including packaging, furniture, and toys. My favorite co-ops were at Hasbro and Factor 10 where I designed cool and/or cute things. I am currently doing freelance work for Factor 10.

For my capstone I’m developing a plush toy that comforts children coping with grief and enables parental awareness through the use of biosensors. I’m interested in how toys and games have a unique ability to tackle tough topics and concepts because of their accessibility.

If you want to get in touch, please email me at Priscillarlin@outlook.com

What I like about design is that you can’t buy everything you want but you can scheme about how to make better and cheaper alternatives while cackling to yourself!

I play a lot of video games and yes, I have watched the entirety of the show you’re talking about!

The End.