Nick Von Bargen

Hi there

I am a jack of all trades. I’ve worked for design firms and companies on everything from medical devices and consumer electronics to furniture and eco design. Through my design career I’ve been able to live everywhere from Cincinnati to New York to New Hampshire and even South Korea.

My capstone is an Audi dashboard system for a semi-autonomous car that neither distracts the driver to use, nor complicates the interaction between driver and vehicle.

For more work visit my website http://nickvonbargen.com/

I’m a guy that wanted to make art for a living and yet still have a steady income. Coming from a family of engineers and Cincinnati alumni meant going to DAAP wasn’t a hard choice for me to make. I like products. I like inventing products, making products more useful and creating fun experiences for people using the products. My favorite kinds of products are consumer electronics, but I also dabble in UX/UI and anything with a system.

I like Netflix, nature and naps; not necessarily in that order.
Thanks for checking out my work