Nick Dean

Hey there!

I have nearly two years of international design design experience. Most recently I worked with the team at IDEO to change the way kids play. Preceeding that I was at Pensa in Brooklyn NY, SquareOne in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Fisher-Price in East Aurora, NY.

For my capstone I’m creating the world’s first internet connected espresso machine!

Check out my portfolio here: nickdean.design

My path to Industrial Design began like most kids, playing with Lego. But in middle school when most kids were moving on to sports and other activities, I discovered the online Lego fan community (it’s as weird as it sounds), which fostered my creative and spatial skills and pointed me in the direction of Industrial Design.
When I’m not slaving away to our CAD overlords, I run, am a novice chef, watch foreign films, speak German, still build with Lego, and collect expensive, useless gadgets.

Viel Spaß!