Kristin McGinnis


I have worked on the design teams of Boston Whaler fishing boats, Sea Ray yachts, Owens-Illinois glass packaging (yay liquor bottles!), and spent 13 years prior as a painter at a pottery shop. My heart lies in the objects that move us across land and sea.

For my capstone, I am designing the future of human Life on Mars: a rugged and fun Jeep rover.

To see more of my work, check out optikalmusik.tumblr.com

I chose industrial design because Design is the perfect marriage between Art and Engineering: beautiful, functional; emotional, precise. Transportation design is the embodiment of all of these qualities, a physical manifestation of an owner’s personality, sculpture in purposeful motion.

As you may have guessed, I love cars and boats, and the cultures that emanate from them. In my free time, I sail, kayak, surf (or try to), travel, and snuggle with my cat.