Kelsie Onderko

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to explore the work of UCID’16.

I have a very diverse and eclectic co-op portfolio with experiences from major companies such as RockTenn (now WestRock), Fossil, and Hill-Rom. All of these varied opportunities have presented me with ways to explore my vast array of interests and have greatly enhanced my skill-set.

For my capstone, I am designing a system of wearable health monitoring devices for dogs. The hopes for the project are that it will help pet parents better understand what is happening with their furry companion(s).

To see my work check out my website: www.kelsieonderko.com

Believe it or not, I originally applied to go to college for pharmacy, but through further self exploration I realized that spending everyday in a chemistry lab wasn’t something that I wanted. I was introduced to Industrial Design by a friend who was already at the University of Cincinnati in the ID program, and it opened my mind to the possibility of being able bridge my analytical way of thinking with my passion for making things. After five years in the program the thing that I still love the most about the design process, is being able to roll up my sleeves and create something beautiful and unique.

I’m an Ohio native, nature lover, fiction novel enthusiast, fishing fanatic, devoted dog mom, and a connoisseur of anything sweet. I am also an avid community volunteer and work extensively with the Cincinnati SPCA.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my work!