Kait Shingleton


I have professional work experience in graphic design, Industrial design, and design-build woodworking. I have worked at Tomy International, Frontgate and Alpine Wine Design.

I am designing a modular display system for pop-up events that can be used by a wide array of vendors selling a large range of products.

I have always been interested in art and design and participated in a lot of drawing, painting, and sculpture classes during high school. When I started thinking about college I chose to pursue design due to the more realistic and lucrative career options through that avenue. I started my college career in graphic design and quickly realized that I wanted something more hands on and switched so industrial design during my third year at UC. I started pursuing furniture and have realized my passion for making. I am pursuing a career in the design-build segment of industrial design and am excited to continue to grow as both a designer and a maker.

When I am not designing or building, I spend a lot of time outdoors with friends. I love camping, hiking, and snowboarding. I also enjoy concerts, happy hour, and good food. I am moving to Colorado after graduation to pursue my professional interests as well as my passions outside of design.

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