Jon Riehle

Hi! I’m Jon Riehle(really). Thanks for checking me out!

After five different co-ops, I have worked for corporate, consulting, and start-up companies. A majority of my experience is in the medical sector, but I have also had the pleasure to work on beer bottles, breast implant magnet finders, and receipt printers.

Do you know what to do when you see someone have a seizure? My capstone is a wearable device for people with epilepsy. During a seizure, the device gives verbal instructions to the surrounding area to improve the help rate, and improve the rate of proper care.

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In high school, I found out I was pretty good at metalsmithing. My art teacher told me about industrial design and the rest is history. But hey, it makes sense: My Dad’s an engineer, my Mom’s a nurse, my high school art teacher is, well, an art teacher. Engineering+Art+Medical, that’s Industrial Design in the medical sector right? My designs focus around the user’s wants and needs. I enjoy beautiful products. Solving and thinking through problems is my forte. I am a humanist and like making an impact on people’s lives.

I am a runner, jeweler, metalsmither, fisherman, humanist and pun-master. What does design and camping have in common? They’re both in-tents!

What did the mother buffalo say to her son when she left his page?
Have a great day!