Jaclyn Lowery


I’ve had a variety of design experiences including internships with Juggernaut, Apex, Paul Loebach, Branch, and Evolve.

My senior thesis is focused on designing a system for seamlessly charging devices from daily activities.

To check out more of my work, please take a gander at my website: http://www.jaclyn-lowery.com

I knew I was destined to be apart of the creative field the moment my mother handed me scissors and I proceeded to style myself with a unique haircut, just to “see what it would be like”. I am always ready for new experiences, traveling around the world to collaborate with creatives who are also passionate about providing others with meaningful experiences.

I like to travel, do a little karaoke, and I am very well versed in small screen series. Sometimes I attempt to sew something or pluck harmonies on the guitar, though I mostly enjoy sharing a good brew with good friends.

I look forward to seeing you at the show, cheers!