L. Hayes Ryland

Hey, I’m Hayes!

I am dedicated to Creating new digital interactions. With almost two years of experience internships in industry at PCA (Packaging Corporation of America), Shure, and Lifetime Brands, I’ve been able to design products in many diverse industries.

My capstone focuses on User Interface Design and home water heating systems. I am designing and coding an internet connected water heater based in learning from the home owner.

To see my other design work, visit my website hayesryland.com

Since I was young, I was always taking apart devices to learn how they worked, but somehow always had a few parts leftover. My passion is to help simplify digital and physical interactions despite added complexity. Industrial Design showed me the wild world of product design, the quick and rough to the long and beautiful.

I’m a Cincinnati Westsider through and through, a DIY-er, repairer, and iPhone aficionado.