Frank Busch

Hello friends! Thanks for checking out the work of my classmates and I.

I have worked for a wide variety of companies gaining professional experience over the past 5 years. My latest experiences include Kaleidoscope, Mitek Sports Medicine, and Ethicon. I love to connect personally to the problems I am trying to solve and getting firsthand experience to understand what I am working on.

For my capstone, I am designing a family of state of the art position specific lacrosse heads within an overarching brand that gives honor to the tradition and heritage of the game based on the attributes from specific Native American tribes.

I grew up having a knack for science, math, and art. Through design I have found a perfect storm of combining my strengths to become a well thought out and innovative problem solver. The definition of an Industrial Designer is changing into somebody who needs to wear more hats that they can fit in their closet and that is my favorite part of the process. I think design has an incredible view of the world and can have massive impacts to the quality of human life.

I am a born and raised Indiana Hoosier who broke a bubble and loves to see what the world has to offer through travel. I give more high fives than anyone you know and think a positive attitude makes every difference in life.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy what my class and I are up to!