Emily Ziegelmeyer

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I’ve worked in a number of different areas, but my favorite experience has been with the German medical consultancy WILDDESIGN. I also really like the startup culture and have worked for several startups in downtown Cincinnati. In my spare time I volunteer at a nonprofit organization that develops custom adaptive devices for people with physical limitations.

For my capstone, I am creating a modular arm prosthesis that grows with the wearer and turns the idea of a “disability” into a “super” ability.

Check out my personal website at www.emilyziegelmeyer.com

I was always into art growing up (drawing, painting, anything), but I got into industrial (product) design because of the direct impact it can have on peoples’ lives and the inherent flexibility/creativity that it demands. Design is making something better or more efficient than it was before and initiating positive change.

I am also passionate about travel, coffee, and concept art (in no particular order).