Ellie Koenig

Yello! Thanks for checking us out.

My work experience has taken me from here in Cincinnati all the way to Belgium, designing everything from laser-cut oatmeal pumps and power tools, to plotting an educational farm plan, and re-imagining the potential of a humble drawer. I’ve worked in small-brand, corporate, and consultancy settings, and am eager to find my next challenge!

For my capstone I am currently creating a concept shop carrying storage homewares inspired by commonplace objects. Designed ubiquity and familiar forms. Ooh! Ahh! Wow.

Feel free to swing by my website! You can find me at: elliskoenig.space

I like things. Whether it is my hockey stick, guitar, or pickle jar, things that have either a form or a function have always fascinated me. I think the simplest problems are the most fun to solve, and smiling feels good.

I like travel, tea, and cold weather. A Boston native, hockey is my game of choice. In my free time, I am pickling things, plucking guitar strings, and thinking about my next meal. My goal for 2016 is to master an ollie. We’ll see!
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