Eliot Reshetar-Jost

Hey, I’m Eliot!

Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to work at consultancies all over the country, specializing in everything from consumer electronics to brand strategy to kitchen appliances to fashion and home products.

My capstone is a collection of tabletop objects that encourage the user to detach from their smartphone and focus on being fully present in conversation and thought.

You can check out my work here: http://eliotreshetarjost.com

I grew up surrounded by Legos and forts, and always assumed I would become an architect. At least until I discovered industrial design when I started touring architecture programs. Since then it’s been full force ahead as I’ve centered my interests around lifestyle and home products used in everyday life, and how to deepen the connection between user and product.

I’m an East Coast kid softened at the edges by the Midwest, and I’ve grown to love heartfelt conversation, cycling, climbing, hip-hop, and making things.

Thanks, enjoy!