Elana Pentelnik

Hi There! Come find out what I have to offer!

I have almost 2 years worth of work experience varying from corporations like 3M and PHILIPS, to design consultancies, such as IA Collaborative. I’ve gotten to work on a variety of projects including packaging, medical, health & wellness, architectural experience, and consumer electronics.

For my senior capstone, I am designing an urban beehive that builds confidence and encourages people to begin beekeeping with a CNC milled hive integrated with an educational and reassuring website, to ultimately combat colony collapse.

To see more of my work, check out my website, elanapentelnik.com

With an artist for a mother and an engineer for a father, it was destiny for me to end up in Industrial Design. I have always loved art and even took summer gym so I could fit more art classes into my schedule in high school. Luckily I’ve also always had a fascination for people, and after taking AP Psychology, and learning about how ID truly focuses on users and experiences/interactions, I was sold. My empathy truly influences my designs. I am fascinated by social interactions and cultures from other countries but also the varying cultures in our own “backyard”. These skills of focusing on the user and identifying the core root of the problem help define my unique point of view.

Some fun facts: I am originally from Cincinnati but have lived all over, even before moving around for my internships: Baltimore, London, and Israel. I love exploring new places and finding hidden gems. I’ve been a vegetarian since birth and have no plans of changing that.

Thanks for stopping by!