Daniel Browne

Hey! Thanks for checking our all of our hard work.

I have worked for large companies like Five Star, Mead, Trapper Keeper, Bissell, & designed one-off handicap equipment for May We Help. I also worked in the Rapid Prototyping Center for over 2 years where I ran both of the laser cutters.

For my capstone, I am designing a line of furniture inspired by Swedish simplicity & Brutalist functionality.

Follow my capstone progress on Instagram! @dan____browne
Check out some of my previous work too! danielbrowne.space

I have always loved making art, and often doodled cars in my notebooks more than actually taking notes. When I found out DAAP was just down the road from my high school, I took a tour and immediately fell in love with all things design. I came into the program wanting to do automotive design, but became more and more fascinated with furniture design as I progressed. I love making functional objects that people can actually hold and use in everyday life.

I’m a Cincinnati native who loves hiking, buying records, pizza, yoga, space science, pizza, and wearing way too many sweaters.

I hope you enjoy the show!!