Connie Kim

I have about 2 years of experience designing various products such as toys, consumer goods, consumer electronics, and tradeshow/exhibits at design firms large and small such as Munchkin Inc, Gnosis PD, BB7, Creature LLC, and Mauk Design.

For my senior project I am rebranding Buick and changing their image by designing a concept show car for the 2024 Shanghai Auto Show. It will be an electric supercar and since 2024 is the year of the dragon I will be using a dragon of my own design as inspiration for my concept car.

To see more of my work, check me out on my Behance.

I started out my lifelong pursuit of design by drawing dinosaurs and dragons at the prospective age of 3. My interests became more diverse as I grew and included creature design, product design, and automotive design, which is what I am most interested in pursuing.

I also love playing Ultimate Frisbee, silk-screening shirts, and aspire to become a better snowboarder and ukulele player.

Thank you for your time!