Chris O’Connell

Hi there!

I’m a young designer with 2 years of professional experience at companies like Hamilton Sorter, Ethicon, and Loft.

For my capstone, I am designing a new type of piano that captures the utility of digital technology and embodies the natural beauty of playing a grand piano.

To see capstone process and other projects, visit ocodesign.net.

I come from a music background. I grew up in a house surrounded by musical instruments, and took 4 years of drum lessons. I taught myself how to play piano, guitar, and bass. I considered going to school for jazz studies, but wanted to follow more closely in my dad’s footsteps. He had a day job as an engineer and played bass guitar in his band On Tap on the weekends. I had an interest in art and aesthetics, so product design seemed like the right fit. Halfway through college, I discovered that I have a passion for designing in the realm of music.

Recently I’ve been really intrigued by electronics. I have been tinkering with Arduino, teaching myself basic electrical engineering and coding. Besides that, I like exploring cities via bicycle and taking a lot of candid pictures.