Christopher Meyer

While my primary focus is automotive design, my professional experience has entailed everything from toy packaging and espresso machines to fullsize trucks and tractor interiors. Some of the brands I have designed for include Chevrolet, GMC, Starbucks, Case IH, and Tomy.

For my capstone I am designing a Lotus roadster that embodies the brand’s core values of lightness and material innovation in a new aesthetic direction.

I have always been fascinated by vehicles, technology, and drawing, and upon discovering Industrial Design I realized it was the obvious career to go into. While I began my career with a simple appreciation for cars and machines, this has developed into a more abstract fascination with the aesthetic, sculptural, and cultural qualities of the things humans create.

I enjoy digital photography, mountain biking (an activity which is significantly more grandiose in name than in practice here in the Midwest), and reading about a variety of subjects, most notably astronomy and natural history. Design is a rather desk-bound occupation, and I love to regain sanity by immersing myself in the natural world and stoking an infatuation with primal, untouched scenery.