Carlo Rizalado

I love to immerse myself in new product areas and have eclectic design experience in Ninja kitchen appliances, Tomy children’s toys, P&G aircare products, Bosch powertools, and much more. I enjoy getting my hands in everything and anything I can.

For my capstone I am designing workout gear that explores the interaction of techy textiles with personal training.
I have loved drawing and sketching since I could hold a pencil which got me into industrial design. Exploring user experience and thinking differently about products kept me in it. The practical application of art and seeing the impact of design on people’s lives is what drives and motivates me.

Check out my ‘folio here.

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I am an animation, weightlifting, cat video, and video game enthusiast and studying abroad in Japan has left me with a love for all things Japan.
Sayonara! Please enjoy the show!