Ben Burris

Welcome folks, make yourselves at home

I had a blast on all of my coops. Things I have worked on include the interior of a private jet , high tech ATM’s, a $12,000 desk, top secret stuff for Britta water filters, stuff for a 360ยบ action camera and more.

For my capstone I am redesigning a build it yourself speaker kit so it can be assembled, tool-free, like furniture from IKEA.

My baby book says that I wanted to design toasters so I guess you could say I have been interested in design for a (my) lifetime. Out of high school I didn’t have good enough grades to get into DAAP so I studied digital design at CSCC and worked really hard to stay on the deans list. Seven years after setting my mind on DAAP I’m finally graduating.

Im into really high quality materials such as aluminum, hardwoods, and titanium. I try not to call myself an audiophile, foodie or a trecky, but unfortunately I am all three.

Thanks for looking!