Andrew Long

I have professional design experience working with consumer electronics, consumer goods, connected home appliances, wearable tech, and watches as part of previous co-ops with the Chamberlain Group in Chicago, Illinois, and the Fossil Group in Dallas, Texas. I also have experience working with trends and design research, and have acted as project lead on an interdisciplinary team of designers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers.

For my capstone, I am establishing a new, unique approach to custom speaker production through the development of speakers that are tailored per the tastes and preferences of an individual client, and designed for use in their respective environment.

You can check out my work at andrewlongdesign.com

My decision to pursue a degree in industrial design was actually the result of a last minute application switch over from mechanical engineering on the advisement of a family friend. Having had no prior exposure to art or design, it’s quite the turn-of-events from a decision I made on a whim!

After five years of study, I find design to be an entirely unique opportunity to make my own personal impact on the world around me through the use my individual talents as a designer and professional.

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, but I’m excited to broaden my horizons post-graduation and see what kinds of adventures the world has to offer me.

I’m also a die hard Bengals fan (for better or worse), and enjoy playing Xbox, reading, partaking in a variety of athletics, socializing with friends, and binge watching the latest and greatest hit TV show.

Cheers! 🍻