Amy Johnson


Throughout my five years in DAAP I have completed over a year and a half of co-ops and enjoyed every minute of them. My work experience has ranged from marketing to structural design and ended with consumer research, giving me a great insight into everything that we can do as industrial designers.

For my capstone, I’m creating a board game for children that will help them better understand nutrition in a fun, interactive way.

If you would like to see more of my work, check me out on Behance. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about myself, my involvement, and where I want to go with design.

Like many of my peers, I was very involved in the art department of my high school. I became interested in the physical form of objects while crafting my metalworking skills and learning how to work in a 3D space. Design came into my life because I wanted to find a way to combine creativity and the business world. I believe that design has a powerful impact on our world and I’m looking forward to seeing where this field expands to in the coming years.

I get joy from being active, convincing prospective students to attend UC, finding and making healthy alternatives to my favorite desserts (even though they don’t always turn out great), and watching too many Netflix documentaries.

Thanks for checking us out!